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February 2017 Issue


Introducing Interim Director Karen Smith

What's Next With The ACA?

Benny Is Now WEX

Quick Poll – Review

February Quick Poll – Vote

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Introducing Interim Director Karen Smith

A longtime employee of NIHP, Karen Smith was named as the interim director following Peggy Fuller’s retirement in December.

Karen is concentrated on professional administration of your healthcare plans and keeping NIHP focused on you. She will maintain the tried-and-true policies and procedures of the outgoing director, and will work with our dedicated staff to provide quality, customer-friendly services and timely guidance.

Here is a little more information about Karen:

  • Has worked at FHN/NIHP for almost 18 years. She was the Claims Supervisor at NIHP for 12 years before moving into an account executive and marketing role.
  • Holds her Illinois Insurance Producers License.
  • Previously worked in the Central Billing Office at FHN and is a certified professional coder (certified through the AAPC).
  • Graduated from Columbia College with a BS in Business Administration, while working full-time and raising two children.
  • Lives in Warren and keeps busy with her children’s activities. Her son attends UW-Platteville and her daughter is a senior at Warren High School who attends Highland Community College full-time through the College Now program.

Karen is known for her patience, persistence, positive attitude, and good sense of humor, which serve her well as she navigates the intricacies of the insurance industry. She says, "I think our strong orientation to customer service and our broad knowledge of the healthcare landscape are NIHP's most important attributes for success. Personally, I am here to go the extra mile for our clients, and I believe our entire staff shares that sentiment."

Peggy Fuller will continue in a consulting role for a short time to help guide the transition. If you have questions or would like to speak to Karen firsthand, please call (815) 599-7050 or (800) 723-0202 or email her. As always, we thank you for choosing NIHP!

What's Next With The ACA?

As the world waits to see how the new administration proposes to change the Affordable Care Act, it is difficult to predict what "repeal and replace" really means. We are carefully monitoring the situation on your behalf, and will let you know as soon as definitive policies and procedures are put in place that may impact your plan. You can rely on us to be your resident expert on the subject! Stay tuned.

Benny Is Now WEX

Benny, the pre-paid Visa Card used for our Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs), is being rebranded and will now be known as WEX (WEXHealthCard.com and My. WEXHealthCard.com, respectively). What does this mean to you?

  1. Anyone visiting BennyCentral.com and MyBenny.com after November 12, 2016 will be automatically redirected to WEXHealthCard.com and My.WEXHealthCard.com. It is important to note that the functionality and login credentials for these URLs remain the same; these are visual updates only.
  2. The redirect will be in place for a limited time, until March 1, 2017, to give users ample time to adapt to the new site.
  3. The link on the NIHP website has also been re-directed to WEX.
  4. The WEX Prepaid Visa Card continues to make Flexible Spending Accounts fast, easy, and automatic! Your card allows users to pay for qualified health care expenses without having to pay cash up front.

Take a look: Here are some sample screens to familiarize you with WEX.

New look of login screen for WEXHealthCard.com (formerly known as bennycentral.com)
Screenshot of Wex Website
New look of consumer login screen for My.WEXHealthCard.com (formerly known as mybenny.com)
Screenshot of Wex Website
New screen looks from WEXHealthCard.com and My.WEXHealthCard.com
Screenshot of Wex Website

A Quick Review of Last Issue's "Quick Poll"

In the October 2016 issue of E to E we asked readers, "Are you interested in our new telemedicine benefit?" Specific survey results are noted in the chart, below.

October Quick-Poll Summary

February Quick Poll – Vote

Do you feel prepared for potential changes to the Affordable Care Act?
(Click a response to vote. Answers are strictly anonymous.)

Then, visit the NIHP website to view this issue's quick poll results.

For more information contact us at:
(800) 723-0202 or NIHPCustomerService@nihp.com

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